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The Alabama Eye Bank (AEB) has more than 40 years experience providing high quality corneal tissue to ophthalmic surgeons worldwide. Our coordinators are trained to ensure this tissue is available to meet your surgical needs.


The AEB complies with the strict medical standards from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Good Tissue Practices and the Eye Bank of America (EBAA) for tissue processing, storage and distribution.


Services provided by the AEB include:

• Premium grade corneal tissue for Penetrating Keratoplasty (PK) procedures.
• Long-term glycerin preserved cornea (whole and half) for glaucoma shunt coverage and tectonic procedures.
• Pre-cut services for DSAEK to include pre and post-cut OCT imaging and pachymetry.
• Scleral tissue (whole and half).Whole globes for research and education.
• Thorough medical screening, serological testing and evaluation.
• On-line surgery scheduling. (call for information to access)


Below is a brochure of all the technical services the Alabama Eye Bank provides. Please take the time to review for more detailed information about how we can help you.