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Un-Processed Tissue

01. PKP//Penetrating Keratoplasty

Standard full thickness grafts can be offered according to specific criteria. This transplant involves the surgical removal of the central two-thirds of the damaged cornea. This area is replaced with clear, healthy donor tissue, which is held in place by sutures. It is used with success in patients with decreased visual acuity secondary to corneal opacity, in the treatment of corneal thinning or perforation, for the removal of non responding infectious foci and for the relief of pain.

02. ALK//Anterior Lamellar Keratoplasty

Partial thickness grafts used for anterior corneal diseases or scars. This procedure selectively replaces the front part of the cornea when it is scarred or distorted and is less invasive than a full thickness graft. The main advantage is that the patient’s own endothelium is retained, which eliminates the risk of endothelial graft rejection, and preserves endothelial cell density. Your eye will be stronger after surgery and you will be able to resume normal activities sooner.

03. KLAL//Keratolimbal Allografts

Cornea and limbal stem cells transplanted for ocular surface disorders.

04. TECT//Tectonic

For emergency use in trauma, burns or ulcers.

Surgeon Advantages

+ Careful and knowledgeable cornea evaluation using slit lamp, specular microscopy and Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) before and after processing. + Thorough disease testing / screening. + Competent and experienced staff + Safe and reliable distribution delivery system + Rapid procurement and release of tissue that is among the best of US eye banks. + On-line surgery scheduling. + Collaborations with centers of excellence throughout the world. + Multiple variations of preparation methods for DSAEK and DMEK. + Environmentally controlled processing theater rooms.