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Physical Assessment

Below you will find the “Physical Assessment” video that we offer through the MedEd curriculum. Watch the video, then click the “Take The Test” button to take the testing portion. Once you’ve finished and passed the test, return to watch another video until you’ve completed all 9 videos totaling 5.5 credit hours for free. All test results will be uploaded to ABN within 24-hours of completion.


Your current Alabama Nursing License#, name of the hospital or medical facility where you work and an email address are all required information you will need to register and complete each test.

If you have any questions, concerns or the test results don’t show up in your dashboard, please call: Jamison Kuehn@205.313.8334 or via email: jkuehn@alabamaeyebank.org


DON’T FORGET TO VISIT US and share with your fellow nursing friends to use our MedEd course to get their 5.5 FREE credit hours.

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Take Physical Assessment Test


Log in using:

Username: nurses  |  Password: meded123

Video Length: 55.46
Credit Hours: 1.1