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Ronald & Cindy

Ronald & Cindy

Hello, my name is Cindy. I am Ronald’s widow. We were married for 30 years. Ronald was age 56. He loved being outdoors. In his “free time” he was usually either hunting or fishing. On his last morning, he and his “best fishing buddy” were finishing their last minute preparations to participate in a weekend fishing tournament.

On that May 2006 morning, I had walked out to the hospital’s parking lot to start telephoning his children to break the news that their Dad had unexpectedly passed away. I had been pacing in the  parking lot for several minutes, while making the phone calls, when one of the nurses motioned from the doorway for me to come back into the hospital. It was then that they asked me if I wanted to sign the “O.K” for Ronald to be a donor. If I had gone ahead and drove back home sooner, instead of staying in the parking lot, we all would have missed this special opportunity to become donor/recipient.

Before it was “fashionable” to be a donor, I contacted the Alabama Lions Club Eye Bank to receive an Eye Will card. I still have that Eye Will card, which is dated September 1980, in my billfold next to my driver’s license. Someday I hope that I will be a donor too.

Many years ago, long before my husband’s death, I thought about “What if I lost my sight, or my
hearing, or my speech? If I could pick ONE to KEEP, which one would I prefer?” I have chosen SIGHT. Sight is priceless. I enjoy sitting in the rocking chair on the front porch and watching the creatures’ and birds’ movements. I enjoy watching my grandchildren grow and mature on a daily basis. My favorite time of the day is from daybreak and then for the next couple of hours; nature seems so fresh and reborn.

Five years have now passed. It is a milestone on me becoming a widow, finding a different way to live without the husband I once had. It is a milestone for you in receiving the transplant. I am very glad in just knowing that someone, somewhere, benefited.

I apologize for not knowing what to expect from a cornea transplant, but I pray that all has gone well for you. I do understand that there is always a possibility that the transplant may be rejected, that’s ok, I am still interested in hearing from you and how you are now. I would be very grateful.

Hope to hear from you.