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Recipient Letter: Josephine Temple

Recipient Letter: Josephine Temple

We love to receive letters from recipients for their donor families. They are so over-whelmed with gratitude and joy for the gift of having their sight restored you can feel it radiating from their words. Here is a letter from Josephine Temple that we had to share with you her special story.

Josephine_Letter_WEBDear Donor Family,

I would like to thank you for your precious gift you bestowed on me by donating your loved one’s cornea. I can see shapes and light now with hopes that my vision will be clearer soon. My eye was to the point of rupturing and without the cornea, there was the strong possibility that my eyeball would be removed.

I was a nurse for many years, having worked in the local hospital and doctor’s office. I love to read and bake. My family loves my pound cakes, which I always bake for church suppers and family get-togethers. My life is centered around my Christian faith in Jesus Christ. I pray that you and your family
know Him.

Thank you so very much for the cornea donation. You’ve given me more than words can express.