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Norman David Flack

Norman David Flack

The letter below was written by Lauren Flack, his oldest daughter on December 23rd, 2012 to the recipient families who received Norman’s tissue.

“Dear Recipient,
I’d like to start off with saying the last time David renewed his license, his wife had asked him why he wasn’t an organ donor, and he stated, “Why? They won’t be able to use anything of mine anyways” and as you know he was wrong. If he knew that he was able to shine light into someone else’s life over the loss of his, well he would be amazed. David was 48 years old when he died. He had a wife whom he was married to for 27 years.
My mother and he both truly believed they were soul-mates. One of his most absolute favorite things in the world was dirt bikes. He started riding them in his early teens and stopped in his 30s due to health problems. David was born with a condition called Sub Aortic Stenosis. His first open heart surgery was at 9 years old. He led a pretty normal life until the second heart surgery which was in his mid-30s. In 2009 he had a heart attack, but survived and underwent his third open heart surgery to replace a valve, then another valve two years later and was never able to return to work after that. With thast last surgery came a slew of health problems and even though he felt absolutely horrible every single day, he never let on to his family how bad it was. Also, I’d like for you to know that on the day of his death he felt great, he worked on his wife’s car for hours and enjoyed it! He had felt better the last few weeks before his death then he had in years. Even though we knew his life would be cut short, his death was still very sudden and unexpected. He died of cardiac arrest, which means his heart and lungs stopped instantly and within a minute or two he died. He never knew what happened to him.

He has always been in love with history, most particularly the coal mines of Alabama and World War 2.
I cannot tell you how many abandoned mines he took us to. He had many books on the subject and re-read them over and over. David worked in the labor field as an industrial maintenance mechanic, it was amazing the things he could fix and build. He was a great artist. Anyone he ever met would describe him as the funniest person with an almost ODD sense of humor. He loved his family so very much, we are still currently finding notes he left in strange places to remind us how much he loved us. He could talk to a wall; literally, he loved to talk to people. He was one of those types that would strike up a conversation with bill collectors and talk for hours. He wore mostly Fox and loved rock music. His favorite was The Doors, however Van Halen and Nirvana followed closely behind. David was not shy, EVER. We feel like a one page letter doesn’t do his life justice,
however in the grand scheme of things this is who he was.

Please know that it has given my family great peace that he has helped you. I’d like to leave you with a poem that I read at his funeral, he was going to make my mother a sign with the words listed to go in the house they were getting ready to purchase right before his death.

Thank you for taking the time to read this, we hope to hear from you.
The Donor Family”

We were grateful to David’s family visit us at the Alabama Eye Bank to share the wonderful story and legacy that he left behind with his beautiful family.