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Navy man James & his wife Alanna

Navy man James & his wife Alanna

Hello, my name is Alanna, and my husband’s name was James, but everyone he knew called him Jimmy. He was a Seabee in the United States Navy, a construction man. He loved to ride his motorcycle, run for miles at a time without being winded, create, build and refurbish pieces of furniture, and make everyone he knew laugh.

Jimmy grew up in a small town in New York. I lived in one town over. We went to High School together but never officially met until we were 22 and 23 years old here in Virginia Beach, where he was currently stationed. He was planning on getting out of the NAVY this November, and go to dive school in Florida where he’d learn how to do underwater construction and welding. We were going to start a family there.

I know you feel grateful for this gift, and I am so grateful that he could help you. Jimmy never knew when to say no, he’d give you the very shirt off his back. And even though he is no longer with us, he continues to help people in tremendous ways. Live well, and always try your best to be positive. If I learned anything from Jimmy, it was to just live and be happy. It is touching to know that my husband is still in a way alive in
another person, thank you for letting
me feel this way.