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Ms. Zenetta’s Story

Ms. Zenetta’s Story

Dear family of such a generous person,

Thank you! I am Zenetta, a 63 year old grandmother. Thanks to your family and God for such a generous and precious gift your loved one donated for me. Your family has my deepest condolences for the loss of your loved one. I love to sew and read. The problem I was experiencing for the past 2-3 years was with lights. I spent most of my time inside to avoid the lights. My driving was limited to very short distances and was very tense. Each light reflected at least ten lights and then the ten lights would have beams.

I started having major problems with my eyes years ago and I did not know what the problem was because each time I had my eyes examined they said I needed eyeglasses. After short periods I needed to change my glasses. This continued for a long time until I went to my current doctor. My current doctor is another blessing to me. I am so blessed to have had her do the transplant. On my first week follow up after surgery she told me that my vision was what she expected several months out. Fuchs Dystrophy was something that I wasn’t aware of until this year. Now I am seeing very clearly from the precious gift of your loved one. Again I say thanks!

Two years ago when I renewed my license I checked the box to be a donor. I am glad that I made this
decision even before I realized that someday someone would leave me such a gift.

Again, I am so thankful that your loved one had such a generous heart to help me and others.

With all gratitude and thanks,