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Doyce Williams, CEBT, CTBS

President & Chief Executive Officer//dwilliams@alabamaeyebank.org

Doyce has served as President of the Alabama Eye Bank since 1980. During his tenure, AEB has ranked in the top 10 eye banks in the world for more than 20 years in tissue placed for transplant. The mission of the eye bank is a worthy and noble one and working for such an important human need has been a privilege. My core motivation for remaining in eye banking has been the joy and fulfillment of helping others to see again.

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Alan Blake, CEBT, CTBS

Executive Director //ablake@alabamaeyebank.org

Alan has worked for AEB for since 2004. As the Executive Director, his responsibilities range from overseeing the day to day operations of the eye bank and ensuring compliance with applicable federal, state and industry regulations.

Teresa Ham

Chief Administrative Officer //tham@alabamaeyebank.org

Teresa has worked for AEB since 2002. As the Chief Administrative Officer her responsibilities range from general accounting, administration, human resources, marketing and hospital development for the statewide organization.

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Kyle Mavin, CEBT

Chief Clinical Officer //kmavin@alabamaeyebank.org

Kyle joined AEB in 2015 and has more than 20 years experience in eye banking. As the Chief Technical Officer, he oversees tissue recovery, processing, quality assurance and distribution.

Tom Cattell

Vice-President of Information Services //tcattell@alabamaeyebank.org

Tom has worked for AEB since 2007. As the VP of Information Services, his responsibilities range from providing leadership in the development, implementation and maintenance of the information systems, technology infrastructure and applications needed to achieve organization goals and objectives.

Ellen Kerns, CEBT

Vice-President of Transplant Services //ekerns@alabamaeyebank.org

Ellen joined AEB in 2011 and has more than 20+ years in eye banking. As the VP of Transplant Services, she is responsible for providing managerial oversight to Ocular Distribution and Global Sight Network.

Paul Graves, CEBT, CTBS

Vice-President of Clinical Services //pgraves@alabamaeyebank.org

Paul has worked for AEB for more than 20 years. As the VP of Clinical Services, his responsibilities range from directly managing the designated technical services involving the procurement, evaluation and processing of eye tissue for surgical, research and educational purposes.

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