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Alabama Eye Bank | Donor Service Center
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Donor Service Center

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The Alabama Eye Bank Donor Service Center (DSC) is a 24-hour, 7-day a week phone center located at our office in Birmingham. It is made up of trained referral coordinators who are responsible for screening potential donors, counseling families, obtaining consent and coordinating the recovery with all parties.

Our vision of the donor service center

One main vision of the DSC is to make the caller’s job easier. It normally only takes the DSC staff a few minutes to screen a potential case and determine whether the patient is a candidate or not. If consent needs to be obtained, it usually takes only an additional five minutes.

Experienced staff to better serve you

The DSC is staffed with people who are veterans in the nursing/medical field. We only hire the elite so we can better serve you with 46 years of combined knowledge, instinct and hands-on experience. If you are on the phone with us, we know the topic is difficult enough. We feel that you deserve the best to ensure you are equipped with accurate information to help guide you to making the best decisions possible.

How to contact our DSC.

Toll Free: 1-800-423-7811
Local: 205-942-7211
Fax: 877-224-0679
E-mail: dsc@alabamaeyebank.org