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A Child’s Heart from Daddy Steven

A Child’s Heart from Daddy Steven

“Hello, my name is Steven from Mobile, AL. On March 29th, 2011 my kids were in an accident coming home from school. My son was the driver and my 12 yr old daughter lost her life. It was 3pm. She was my very smart, beautiful, sweet and loving angel that loved to read.

That afternoon I had to make a decision to donate her organs or not. So I reached down deep inside myself and knew that would have been what she would have wanted. One year she got a bike for Christmas and also won one at school. I asked her what was she going to do with two bikes? She said that she could only ride one and wanted me to find someone that needed a bike so that they could have one for Christmas. So I did just what she would have done.

I am so happy that our loss has given your family sight.

Thanks again,